Italian Buffet

"Italian" formula at 32 € pp

Min 30 participants

starters :

on buffet: tomato - mozzarella; carpaccio of beef and parmesan, vitello tonnato, ham melon

accompanied by condiments, salad bar, vinaigrettes, breads and butter.


Pizza 3 kinds to choose from the map of the Italian corner

Pasta 3 kinds to choose:

  • Traditional lasagna
  • Fish lasagna
  • Forest lasagna (mushroom and chicken)
  • Cannelloni with meat
  • Cannelloni ricotta spinach
  • Salmon cannelloni
  • Bolognese pennants
  • Penne carbonara
  • 4 cheese penne
  • Vegetarian penne



Italian cheese platter


Ice cream assortment

Mini tiramisu

Mini panna cotta