Les coteaux de la Citadelle de Liège


Les coteaux de la Citadelle de Liège

In the heart of Liège, The hillsides of the citadel are like a paradise for the city-dweler who wants to  make walks.  Wildlife, calm and relaxation in urban area.

Discover Liège, the “cité ardente”, on foot and for free. Her most beautiful stories ans landscapes are offering to you ! 6 acres of greenery near by the Saint-Lambert place.

Meadows, orchards, wood, parks, paths, gardens and vineyards(vines) are there for les Coteaux de la citadelle de Liège. Allow you to be guide by the steep hill. Five destinations signposted are suggesting to you from the esplanade Saint-Leonard or the Pierreuse street.

You can download maps on the tourism house’s website of Liège.

Monuments and classified sites

Les coteaux de la Citadelle are witnesses of the passed landscape of the city with more than 60 monuments and 5 classified. The urban atmosphere of the « cité ardente » will show you somes beautiful surprises in the Coteaux de la Citadelle.

Discover or  rediscover the Bueren mountain’s stairs or panaromas from boulevards of the Citadelle’s park.