BBQ buffet

BBQ formula at 32 € pp

For a MINIMUM of 30 participants.

Up to 50 people a max 4 choices of hot dish,

Beyond 50 people 6 choices possible.

All dishes are subject to change.

Accompanied by condiments, salad bar, vinaigrettes, breads and butter

Hot dish of your choice:


Slices of marinated lard

Marinated chicken drumsticks

Sesame lacquered chicken skewers


Country sausages


Grilled salmon


Spare Ribs

Lamb chops

Marinated pork skewer with onions

Beef pieces with herbs from Provence


Feculents 1 choice and 2 choices from 50 people:

Apple macaroon

Potato shot with rosemary

Gratin Dauphinois

+ 1 mix hot vegetables

Provencal and Béarnaise sauce



Assortment made in USA (brownies, donuts, muffin)

Ice cream assortment

Grilled pineapple