We realize all the buffets for a MINIMUM of 30 participants.

All dishes are subject to change.

At your choice :

Buffet 5 cold dishes / 2 hot dishes / 2 vegetables / 1 starch / 1 sauce / 3 desserts

€ 30 pp

Buffet 6 cold dishes / 3 hot dishes / 2 vegetables / 2 starchy foods / sauces / 4 desserts

33 € pp

Buffet 8 cold dishes / 5 hot dishes / 4 vegetables / 4 starchy foods / sauces / 5 desserts

45 € pp

Buffet 15 cold dishes / 8 hot dishes / 3 vegetables / 3 starches / sauces / 6 desserts

50 € pp

All our buffets are accompanied by condiments, salad bar, vinaigrettes, breads and butter

Cold dishes of fish

Smoked salmon remoulade and capers

Salmon Bellevue

Tomatoes with pink shrimps

Smoked trout

Fan of prawns with pesto + 2 €

Marinated anchovy duo with garlic and herbs

Terrine of fish and vegetables

Tuna peaches

Crab and langoustine tongs + 5 €

Tomatoes with shrimps + 5 €

Oysters from Zeeland + 4 €

Broiler: oysters, Spanish mussels, clams, shells, knives, whelks + 6 €



Cold dishes of meat

Beef carpaccio with Parmesan cheese

Serrano ham with melon and grisini

Ham with bone

Sausage of Paris

Rosette of Lyon

 Pie and onion confit

Chicken fillet with herbs Pancetta and arugula

Assortment of mini sausages and compote

Rosbeef with pepper

Iced chicken with southern vegetables

Vitelo tonnato + 2 €

Duck and confit

Hot dishes of meat

Mouse of lamb confit on sweet potato bed (+ 3 €)

Roast turkey with wild mushrooms

Chicken Paupiette cream with estragon

Chicken with lemon and olives

Roasted pork with shallot sauce

Slice of veal on his bed of ratatouille (+ 2 €)

Pure pork tenderloin with Dijonnaise sauce

Saltimboca on its tomato coulis (+ 2 €)

Liège dumpling

Chicken fajitas

Poultry waterzooi at the Hoegaarden

Leg of lamb with prunes

Chicken with coconut's milk

Traditional lasagna

Suggestion of the chef


Hot dishes of fish

Dorado with vegetables and saffron cream

Red mullet fillets

Salmon steak with cream of cress

Cod with lobster sauce

Bouillabaisse as in Marseille

Fillets of sole and salmon with fine Champagne sauce

Daily fish curry

Dim-sum steam

Sea mussels (in season)

Lobster ravioli (+ 2 €)


Suggestion of the chef

The veggies

Penne with vegetables

Cannelloni with ricotta and spinach

Mushroom risotto

 Lasagna in green or salmon

Wok of vegetables


Hot accompaniments

Gratin dauphinois, Provençal, truffle (+ 1 € pp)

Amandine apples

Macaroni apples

Herbs apples

Broccoli with white sauce

Bechamel cauliflower

Frozen vegetables

Chicons au gratin

Eggplant with garlic

Rice with vegetables

 Pan-fried grandmother

Red cabbage with apples

 Mashed potatoes or vegetables

Sauces (Bearnaise, Archduke, pepper, tomatoes, butter, ...)

Our desserts

Cheese board

Ice cart

Assortment made in USA (brownies, donuts, muffin)

Panna cotta (3 flavors)

Fruit salad

Assortment of macaroons



Fruit skewers and chocolate fountain (+ 3 €)

Chocolate mousse, strawberry, vanilla

Montée piece (instead of desserts):

In ice:

+ 5 € / person for 1 taste / + 6 € for 2 tastes

Sponge cake with seasonal fruits + 4 € / person

A special order? Our pastry chef is at your disposal.